Census 2011

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About Census 2011
Census 2011 was the 18th Census for the Republic of Mauritius; it was taken in two rounds:  the Housing Census from 31 January to 19 June 2011 and the Population Census from 20 June to 31 July 2011.
Census 2011 was conducted according to provisions of the Statistics Act 2000.
Field staff
A field force of around 7,400 officers was mobilized for data collection.
Data capture and processing
Data capture was done through scanning technology. Given that this was used for the first time by Statistics Mauritius, a Pilot Census was carried out to test and evaluate all aspects of the census operations.
The budget for the 2011 Census was Rs. 200 million (US$ 6.7 million).


Instruction Manuals

Publicity Materials

​Preliminary Results (Economic and Social Indicators)

Table Repor​ts
Volume I - Housing & Living Condition
Excel Tables
Volume II- Demographic & Fertility Characteristics
Excel Tables
Volume III - Educational Characteristics
Excel Tables
Volume IV - Disability Characteristics Excel Tables
Volume V - Economic Characteristics
Excel Tables
Volume VI - Geographical and Migration
Excel Tables
Volume VII - Household Characteristics
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Analytical Reports

Volume IV - Migration
Volume VI - Census Atlas
Volume VII - Disability
Volume VIII - Nuptiality, Fertility and Childlessness
Volume IX - Relative Development in Electoral Regions Word Excel PDF
Volume X – Housing and Household Characteristics

Census 2011 - Key Statistics for a better understanding of Rodrigues