(i) The resident population of the Republic of Mauritius enumerated at the 2011 Population Census was 1,233,000 of whom 1,192,300 lived in the island of Mauritius, 40,400 in Rodrigues and 300 in Agalega.

(ii) From 2000 to 2011,

• the population of the Republic of Mauritius increased by 4.6% with Rodrigues registering an increase of 12.9%, three times higher than the island of Mauritius (4.3%);

• the population continued to age as indicated by an increase in the median age of the population from 29 to 34 years;

• the average household size decreased from 3.9 to 3.5 due to increased incidence of lone parent households and persons living alone;

• the literacy rate went up from 85% to 90%;

• the level of education of the population improved - the proportion of people with at least a School Certificate increased from 23% to 35%;

• the economic activity rate (% of economically active persons over population aged 16 years and above) of the population went up slightly from 59.1% to 59.3% ;

• the number of employed persons increased from 464,500 to 510,200

• Port Louis remained the district receiving the highest number of commuters (66,000 daily in 2011 against 60,000 daily in 2000);

• the proportion of people with disabilities rose from 3.5% to 4.8%;

• there has been an overall improvement in the level of development of all towns and villages. Wards 1 and 2 of Quatre Bornes still remain among the most developed regions of the country and Le Morne VCA and Rodrigues still remain among the least developed regions.