​​2022​ CENSUS 
2022 Census

The 2022 Census is the 19th Census for the Republic of Mauritius; it is being taken in two rounds: Census of Dwellings (Housing Census) between 30 April and 20 June 2022 and Population Census between 19 June and​ 01 August 2022.

What is a Census?

It is the total process of planning, collecting, compiling, evaluating, disseminating and analysing statistical data pertaining to all units of a population at a specified time in a country or a well-delimited part of a country.

Legal framework

Census 2022 will be conducted according to the provisions of the Statistics Act.

Field staff

A field force of around 7,000 officers will be mobilized for data collection.

Data capture and processing

The data collection exercise will be done using the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method. This is the first time Statistics Mauritius will make use of tablets to collect Census data. Testing was carried twice to assess and evaluate many aspects of the census operations.

However, a Pilot Census couldn't be conducted out due to COVID-19.

​2022 Census of Dwellings​​
2022 Population Census

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