Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics - (Island of Mauritius) -January - June 2020



Vehicles registered

  1. 1.   At end of June 2020, some 589,228 vehicles were registered at National Land Transport Authority, compared to 580,629 at the end of December 2019, i.e. an increase of 8,599 or 1.5%.
  3. 2.   Between January and June 2020, some 10,763 vehicles joined the fleet, while 2,164 were put out of circulation.
  5. 3.   The fleet consisted largely of cars, double cap pickup and d​ual-purpose vehicles (312,511 or 53.0%) and auto/motor cycles (219,465 or 37.3%). The remaining 9.7% comprised vans, lorries, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Road traffic accident
The number of road accidents registered during the first semester of 2​020 was 11,891, that is, 23.8% lower than the figure of 15,606 for the first semester of 2019. The decrease could be a result of less traffic on our roads during the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

5.  During the first semester of 2020 the number of road traffic accidents causing casualties (deaths and persons injured as a result of road accidents) decreased by 39.4% to 845 compared to 1,395 in the corresponding period of 2019.  Amongst 50 were fatal compared to 64 during January to June 2019. Non-injury accidents decreased by 22.3% to 11,046, against 14,211 for the corresponding period of 2019.

6.  The number of persons who died as a result of road accidents during the first semester of 2020 was 52 or -24.6% as compared to 69 during the corresponding period of 2019. Among the casualties, the most vulnerable category of road users were riders/pillion riders of auto/motor cycles (26 or 50.0%), followed by pedestrians (12 or 23.1%).


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