ICT Statistics Year 2017
ICT access  
Between 2016 and 2017, ICT access improved in the country, as indicated by the following:
·    number of mobile cellular phone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants increased from 143.6 to 145.5;
·    number of internet subscriptions per 100 inhabitants went up from 86.3 to 98.7; and
·    number of fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants improved from 30.8 to 32.7.
Internet Usage
In 2017, International Bandwidth Usage amounted to 96.3 Gbit/s (Gigabits per second). The usage per  inhabitant works out to 76,150 bits per second.
External trade
 Trade in ICT goods and services decreased from 2016 to 2017 as follows:
• Imports by 11.9% from Rs 14,952 million to Rs 13,176 million; and
• Exports, including re-exports, by 41.4% from Rs 9,692 million to Rs 5,680 million.

Contribution to Gross Value Added (GVA)
The value added of ICT sector rose by 4.2% from Rs 21,970 million in 2016 to Rs 22,894 million in 2017. The share of ICT sector in GVA in 2017 was 5.6%, slightly lower than the estimate of 5.7% in 2016.
Employment in large establishments (employing 10 or more persons) operating in ICT sector increased by 3.6% from 15,634 in 2016 to 16,201 in 2017.
ICT Development Index (IDI)
The methodology for the computation of ICT Development Index (IDI), is produced by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). According to ITU, the methodology for the computation of IDI for the year 2017 will be revised, based on a new set of indicators. As the revised methodology is not yet available, IDI for 2017 could not be produced.
Latest available IDI for Mauritius stood at 6.02 in 2016 as compared to 5.67 in the preceding year. 
According to ITU, Mauritius ranked first among African countries and 72nd out of 176 countries  worldwide in terms of ICT development in 2016. The highest ranked country worldwide was Iceland  with an IDI of  8.98.
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