Gender Statistics, Year 2021



​In 2021, the popul​ation comprised 640,057 women compared to 626,003 men. Women outnumbered men by 14,054 as they lived on average 6.9 years longer than men.
​Diabetes mellitus, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and hypertensive disease together accounted for 52.5% of all deaths among men against 56.0% among women.
​Only 10.4% of working women were heads of business compared to 23.6% among men.
​Unemployed women were generally more qualified than their male counterparts: 22.1% among women possessed tertiary qualifications compared to 19.8% men.
​Women were largely under-represented in decision making at higher sphere of society: the number of female ministers was only 3 out of 21.
​The proportion of women in the most senior positions in government services (Senior Chief Executive, Permanent Secretary, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Director, Manager, Judge and Magistrate) was 37.8%.
​Among victims of domestic violence, 86.7% were women and 13.3% were men.
​Some 4,724 men were victims of homicides and assaults compared to 4,427 women whereas 588 women were victims of sexual violence and sexual exploitation compared to 42 men.
​Women participated less than men in sports as high level athletes (68.0% men against 32.0% women).
​According to the​ Global Gender Gap Index (GGI) of the World Economic Forum, Mauritius was ranked 110 out of 155 countries worldwide. The GGI measures gender equality across four key areas, namely: (a) economic participation and opportunity, (b) educational attainment, (c) health and survival and (d) political empowerment.
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19 July 2022