Producer Price Index - Agriculture (PPI-A) - 1st Quarter 2022         


  (Base period year 2018 = 100)

​1. Monthly index​

Overall index

​In order to reflect changes in the production pattern of agricultural products, a new set of weights has been worked out with year 2018 as base period, the previous being 2013. Based on the new weighting pattern, the Producer Price Index-Agriculture, which was 119.8 in December 2021, increased by 29.6% to reach 155.3 in March 2022. The monthly increases were as follows: January (+1.2%), February (+13.5%) and March (+12.9%).

 Sugar cane
The index for the period July 2021 to March 2022 was 154.5 based on the forecast for the crop year 2021-2022. This index will be revised at the end of June 2022 when the final price is available.

  • Other crop products
    The index for "Other crop products" which was 111.9 in December 2021, increased by 75.7% to reach 196.6 in March 2022, mainly due to increases in the prices of fresh vegetables (tomato, creepers, carrot and other fresh vegetables) (+120.8%) and, fruits and nuts (+27.2%).

  •  Animals and animal products
    The index for the sub-group "Animals and animal products" w​hich was 109.3 in December 2021, increased by 12.8% to reach 123.3 in March 2022, mainly due to increases in the prices of poultry (+13.2%) and eggs (+18.9%).


  2. Quarterly index

  • The overall index for the first quarter of 2022 increased by 19.5% when compared to the previous quarter and by 21.6% when compared to the corresponding quarter.


    24 May 2022