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Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics - January-June 2023


 (Island of Mauritius)

Vehicles registered

1.   As at end of June 2023, some 661,553 vehicles were registered at the National Land Transport Authority, compared to 648,176 as at end of December 2022, i.e. an increase of 13,377(+2.1%).

2.    Some 13,377 vehicles joined the fleet, whilst 2,811 were put out of circulation during the first semester. 

3.   The fleet consisted mostly of cars, double cab pickups and dual-purpose vehicles 360,717 (54.5%) and auto/motor cycles 239,596 (36.2%). The remaining 61,240 (9.3%) comprised vans, lorries and trucks, buses and other vehicles.


Road traffic accidents

4.    The number of road accidents registered during the first semester of 2023 was 17,038, that is, 0.5% higher than the figure of 16,956 for the first semester of 2022.

5.   During the first semester of 2023 the number of road traffic accidents causing casualties (fatalities and persons injured as a result of road accidents) increased by 24.0% to 1,264 compared to 1,019 in the corresponding period of 2022.  Amongst 70 were fatal compared to 42 during January to June 2022. Non-injury accidents decreased by 1.0% to 15,774, against 15,937 for the corresponding period of 2022.

6.   The number of persons who died as a result of road accidents during the first semester of 2023 was 71 as compared to 45 during the corresponding period of 2022. Among the casualties, the most vulnerable category of road users were riders/pillion riders of motorized two wheelers (29), followed by pedestrians (25).

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​ ​31 August 2023