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Quality of Life and Sustainable Development

This section presents a first set of indicators on Quality of Life (QoL) and Sustainable Development (SD).
Over the past years, there has been growing attention about how best to measure the progress of societies as well as the well being and quality of life of people.  This has led to several initiatives such as:

.::. Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress

.::. Better Life Initiative:Measuring Well- Being and Progress

At the national level, the Government Programme 2012-2015 states that
The Quality of Life for our people is of paramount importance ...... that conventional economic indicators like GDP do not take into account some of the costs and consequences of economic activities on such things as the physical or social environment within which our people live, work and play. Government action will therefore continue to be guided by what is important to the Quality of Life of our citizens”.
Subsequently, the Statistics Board set up a committee to come up with recommendations on improving quality of life and sustainable development statistics in Mauritius.  The committee made the following recommendations:
Quality of Life indicators
To disseminate a mix of objective and subjective time series statistics on QoL under eight dimensions, as identified by the Committee
To finalise the above list of indicators through public consultation and come up with a national list
To conduct regular Time Use Survey to gather information on time use/leisure/social connectedness/etc for supplementing QoL indicators
To conduct regular surveys on subjective well being
Indicators of Sustainable Development
   .::. To disseminate the time series statistics on SD indicators as identified by the Committee
   .::.To review the list of indicators through public consultation (workshops, web consultation, etc.) and by benchmarking with international recommendations which are still at developing stage.
Time series statistics
In the light of the recommendations of the Statistics Board, a first set of indicators on Quality of Life and Sustainable Development has been identified under the following eight dimensions:
  .::. Economic sustainability and material living standards 
   .::. Health
   .::. Education
   .::. Personal activities including work
   .::. Political voice and governance
   .::. Social connections and relationships
   .::. Environment
   .::. Insecurity
The list of indicators will be updated after public consultation. 
Time series statistics based on the first set of indicators have been compiled for the years 1990 to date and can be accessed by clicking on the
Database on Quality of Life and Sustainable Development. 


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