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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development)
1st Quarter 2013
The Consumer Price Index, which stood at 134.6 in December 2012, registered a net increase of 2.5 points (or 1.9%) to reach 137.1 in March 2013.
The main reasons for the net increase in the CPI from December 2012 to March 2013 were:
-            higher prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages, mainly vegetables, meat, traders’ rice, squashes, syrups, pulses, milk and a variety of other food products;
-            higher prices of alcoholic beverages;
-            higher prices of ready-made clothing;
-            higher charges for domestic services;
-            higher prices for gasolene and diesel;
-            higher private school fees;
-            higher charges for food and drinks in bars and restaurants;
partly offset by
-            lower prices for air tickets.
The headline inflation rate excluding 'Alcoholic beverages and tobacco' for the twelve months ending March 2013 works out to 2.5% compared to 4.6% for the twelve months ending March 2012.
The headline inflation rate was 3.9% for year 2012 compared to 6.5% for year 2011. 
The inflation rate excluding ‘Alcoholic beverages and tobacco’ was 2.6% for year 2012 compared to 5.3% for year 2011.
Statistics Mauritius
  Ministry of Finance and Economic Development                                      
  22 April 2013   
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