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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)


This section presents statistics on the island of Rodrigues, such as Population and vital statistics, Inter island travel and tourism, health, Public Finance, Trade, Employment, Social Security, Education, Transport and Communication, Local Production, Construction and Climate.


2014 Census of Agriculture
.::. Thematic Reports
​         Rodrigues Report


 Publications - Digest


​​.::. Digest of Statistics on Rodrigues 2018 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of Statistics on Rodrigues 2017 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of  Statistics on Rodrigues 2016 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of  Statistics on Rodrigues 2015 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of  Statistics on Rodrigues 2014
.::.  Digest of Statistics on Rodrigues 2013
 .::. Digest of Statistics on Rodrigues 2012
.::. Digest of  Statistics on Rodrigues 2011 PDF0216.JPG











 Contact Person

Mr B. Unmar
Senior Statistician
5th Floor
LIC Centre, John Kennedy Street
Tel: 213 3073, 208 0859