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Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident

Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics
(Island of Mauritius)
Year 2014 – Highlights
1.                  At end of December 2014, some 465,052 vehicles were registered at the National Transport Authority compared to 443,495 at the end of December 2013, i.e. an increase of 21,557 or 4.9%.
2.                  Some 26,400 vehicles joined the fleet whilst 4,843 were put out of circulation during the year.
3.                  The fleet consisted mostly of cars, double cab pickup and dual-purpose vehicles (225,522 or 49%) and motorized two-wheelers (187,851 or 40%). The remaining 11% comprised vans, lorries, trucks, buses and other vehicles.
4.                  The number of road traffic accidents increased by 12.0% from 23,563 in 2013 to 26,400 in 2014.  Among these accidents, 125 were fatal (caused death) against 119 in the preceding year, up by 5.0%.
5.                  The total number of vehicles (motor and non-motorised) involved in road accidents in 2014 was 51,396, that is, 9,307 or 22.1% higher than the 2013 figure of 42,089.
6.                  The number of casualties (fatalities and persons injured as a result of road accidents) decreased by 0.5% from 3,610 in 2013 to 3,592 in 2014. Among the casualties, around 42% were riders of auto/motor cycles, 24% passengers, 17% pedestrians, 14% drivers and 3% pedal cyclists.
7.                  During the year 2014, some 137 persons died as a result of road accidents against 136 in 2013, showing an increase of 0.7%.
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