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External Trade 1st Quarter2015

External Merchandise Trade Statistics

1st Quarter 2015
1.      Exports
Total exports for the first quarter of 2015 amounted to R 23,349 million, 14.1% more compared to the corresponding quarter of 2014, mostly explained by a rise in the re-exports of “Telecommunication equipment and accessories” from R 600 million to R 3,995 million. Exports of Export Oriented Enterprises (EOE) however, decreased by 1.4% to R 10,818 million. Exports to our main buyers rose for U.A.E (+917.2%), Spain (+28.6%), South Africa (+20.5%), Madagascar (+12.4%) and U.S.A (+4.2%), but declined for France (-24.5%) and United Kingdom (-1.5%).
Compared to the previous quarter, total exports for the first quarter of 2015 dropped by 5.7%, mainly as a result of a decrease of 6.8% in exports of EOE with decreases in “Articles of wearing apparel and clothing accessories” (-13.4%), partly offset by increases in exports of “Machinery and transport equipment” (+20.4%) and “Cane sugar” (+19.1%).  The following main markets registered decreases in total exports: France (-15.7%), Madagascar (-11.3%), United Kingdom     (-10.9%), South Africa (-10.8%) and U.S.A (-10.5%).
2.      Imports
Total imports rose by 9.3% from R 35,620 million in the first quarter of 2014 to R 38,930 million in the first quarter of 2015. Imports of “Refined petroleum products” decreased by 29.8% to R 4,932 million during the same period. Imports from our main suppliers, dropped for India    (-23.0%) and France (-12.0%) but rose for China (+53.3%) and South Africa (+7.2%).
Compared to the previous quarter, imports decreased by 20.4%, mainly due to lower imports of “Miscellaneous manufactured articles” (-41.7%), “Crude materials, inedible, except fuels”          (-24.7%), “Machinery & transport equipment” (-21.1%), “Food and live animals” (-19.8%) and “Refined petroleum products” (-17.8%). Imports from our main suppliers dropped as follows: India (-31.8%), France (-23.5%), South Africa (-19.2%) and China (-17.7%).
3.      Balance of trade
The trade deficit for the first quarter of 2015 worked out to R 15,581 million, 2.8% higher than the deficit of R 15,153 million for the corresponding period of 2014. Compared to the previous quarter, the deficit was down by 35.5%.
4.      Forecast 2015
Based on recent past trends and indicative information from various sources, total exports for the year 2015 are forecasted at R 106,000 million, against R 185,000 million for imports. Consequently, the trade deficit is expected to be around R 79,000 million.
May 2015