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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development)


This section presents statistics according to the United Nations Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 2013 (FDES 2013). The statistics are classified under the following components: (i) Environmental Conditions and Quality, (ii) Environmental Resources and their Use (iii) Residuals, (iv) Extreme Events and Disasters, (v) Human Settlements and Environmental Health, and (vi) Environment Protection, Management and Engagement.

Environment Statistics- Economic and Social Indicators
.::. Year 2017
.::. Year 2016
.::. Year 2015
.::. Year 2014
.::. Environment Economic Account 2002-2009
.::. More Publication
Publication - Digest
​​.::. Digest of Environment Statistics 2016 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of Environment Statistics 2015 PDF0216.JPG
.::. Digest of Environment Statistics 2014 PDF0216.JPG
 .::. Digest of Environment Statistics 2013
.::.  Digest of  Environment Statistics 2012
 .::. Digest of Environment Statistics 2011
Publication - Environment Economic Accounting



Historical Series


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Mrs D. Balgobin
Environment Statistics Unit
Ministry of Environment,
Sustainable Developmentand
Disaster and Beach Management
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