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Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the CMPHS) Year 2013

Labour force, Employment and Unemployment based on the results of the Continuous Multi Purpose Household Survey – Year 2013
1.      The labour force for year 2013 was estimated at 571,200 (350,400 males and 220,800 females) and employment at 525,700 (331,800 males and 193,900 females).
2.      The estimated number of unemployed for 2013 was 45,500 (18,600 males and 26,900 females). The unemployment rate worked out to 8.0% (5.3% for male and 12.2% for female).
  1. Change from 2012 to 2013
a.       Labour force increased by 14,900 from 556,300 to 571,200
b.      Activity rate increased from 58.8% to 59.9%.  Male activity rate increased from 75.0% to 75.1% and female activity rate from 43.4% to 45.4%
c.       Employment increased by 14,000 from 511,700 to 525,700 driven by an increase of 11,000 in female employment and  3,000 in male employment
d.      Unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.0%.  Male unemployment rate increased from 5.2% to 5.3% while female unemployment rate decreased from 12.7% to 12.2%.
  1. Situation in  2013
a.       Men comprised nearly two third of the workforce.
b.      Most of the workers were employees.
c.       The tertiary sector was the main source of jobs for Mauritians.
d.      Unemployed women outnumbered unemployed men though they were generally more qualified.
  1. Evolution from 2004 to 2013
a.       Men are more economically active than women but the gap is decreasing over time
b.      Female employment is increasing faster than male employment
c.       The tertiary sector is becoming increasingly important in terms of employment
After reaching a peak in 2005, unemployment rate decreased till 2008. It then took an upward trend up to 2012 and maintained the same level in 2013.
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