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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)


IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard
On 28 February 2012, Mauritius graduated to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) from the IMF’s General Data Dissemination System (GDDS), in which the country has participated since September 21, 2000.    The SDDS is a step further ahead of the GDDS. Mauritius is the 70th country and the 2nd Sub-Saharan country after South Africa to subscribe to the SDDS.
What is the SDDS?
The SDDS is a global benchmark for disseminating macroeconomic data to the public.   It is a standard (i) with precise, specific requirements for coverage, periodicity, and timeliness of data; (ii) with primary focus on the dissemination of frequent and timely data; (iii) whose requirements must be satisfied by subscribers immediately; and (iv) which covers macroeconomic and financial data.
Why the SDDS?
The SDDS was established by the IMF in March 1996 to guide members that have, or that might seek, access to international capital markets in the provision of their economic and financial data to the public. Data Dissemination standards are important because they help enhance the availability of timely and comprehensive statistics, which contributes to the design and monitoring of sound macroeconomic policies and the improved functioning of financial markets. Subscription to the SDDS provides investors with up-to-date data that are frequent, timely and accessible. This facilitates the country’s access – for both public and private sectors - to international capital markets, potentially implying higher levels of foreign investment.
The four SDDS dimensions
Countries that subscribe to the SDDS agree to follow good practices in four areas or SDDS dimensions:
  • the coverage, periodicity, and timeliness of data;
  • public access to those data;
  • data integrity; and
  • data quality.
Requirements of the SDDS
The SDDS requirements are as follows:
(i)           Dissemination of the National Summary Data Page (NSDP)which includes the economic and financial data of a country on a national webpage which is hyperlinked with the IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB). The NSDP is updated according to an Advance Release Calendar (ARC).
(ii)          Dissemination of the ARC on a national webpage to be hyperlinked with the IMF website.
(iii)         Detailed information about the statistical practices, or metadata, of the 21 data categories prescribed under the SDDS for dissemination on the DSBB.
(iv)        Pursuance of good practice, (as described in the IMF Data Quality Assessment Framework) with respect to integrity, methodological soundness, accuracy, reliability, serviceability and accessibility aspects of data.
Data sources and coverage
Data category
Data source
Real Sector
National Accounts
Statistics Mauritius
Production Index
Statistics Mauritius
Labour Market: Employment
Statistics Mauritius
Labour Market: Unemployment
Statistics Mauritius
Labour Market: Wages/Earnings
Statistics Mauritius
Price Index: Consumer Prices
Statistics Mauritius
Price Index: Producer Prices
Statistics Mauritius
Fiscal Sector
General Government or Public Sector Operations
Statistics Mauritius
Central Government Operations
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development/Statistics Mauritius
Central Government Debt
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Financial Sector
Depository Corporations Survey
Bank of Mauritius
Central Bank Survey
Bank of Mauritius
Interest Rate
Bank of Mauritius
Stock Market
Stock Exchange of Mauritius
External Sector
Balance of Payment
Bank of Mauritius
Official Reserves Assets
Bank of Mauritius
Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
Bank of Mauritius
Merchandise Trade
Statistics Mauritius
International Investment Position
Bank of Mauritius
External Debt
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Exchange rate
Bank of Mauritius
 Note:   In addition to the above sectors, the SDDS prescribes data on population as an addendum. Statistics Mauritius disseminates data on population at least once a year and on a regular basis on the NSDP.
Annual Observance Report for Mauritius