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Social Security Statistics Year 2012

Highlights – Republic of Mauritius
1.            Expenditure on Social Security and Welfare amounted to Rs. 21,715 million in 2011, representing 27.3% of total government expenditure and 6.7% of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP).
2.            At end 2012, the number of beneficiaries of Basic Retirement Pension increased by 5.4% compared to end 2011 to reach 169,847 and the cost to Government increased by 11.3% to reach Rs. 7,981 million during year 2012.
3.            There were 21,000 Basic Widow’s Pensioners at end 2012 compared to 21,503 one year ago, showing a decrease of 2.3%. However, due to increases in the rates payable, the amount disbursed increased by 4.5% to reach Rs. 934 million during year 2012.
4.            The number of Basic Invalid’s Pensioners at end 2012 was 30,564, i.e., an increase of 13.5% over 2011. The total amount disbursed in 2012 rose by 7.2% to reach Rs. 1,431 million.
5.            At end 2012, the number of beneficiaries of Basic Orphan’s Pension stood at 371 compared to 368 at end 2011 and expenditure increased to Rs. 24.7 million from Rs 24.3 million in 2011.
6.            Social Aid benefits were paid to 20,855 families as at December 2012, i.e., an increase of 3.3% over 2011. Amount paid registered a 6.6% increase to reach Rs. 702 million in 2012.
7.            A forty years’ projection indicates that Basic Retirement Pensioners would more than double to reach around 368,000 in 2052 from 169,847 in 2012 and the amount disbursed is expected to increase from Rs. 8.0 billion to Rs. 18.1 billion.
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