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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)
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Publication Programme

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Publication Programme - 2020
(All Publications will be available around 2:00 PM on scheduled dates)
Month Title Period covered Date online   Comments
Jan Consumer Price Index1 Dec 2019 Thu-09-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Tableau de Bord1 Dec 2019 Fri-10-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Tourist Arrivals1 Dec 2019 Wed-15-Jan-20  ONLINE
Jan Social Security Statistics1  Dec 2019 Wed-15-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Consumer Price Index  Year 2019 Thu-16-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Trade Statistics1 Nov 2019 Thu-23-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Construction Price Index  4th Quarter 2019 Fri-24-Jan-20    ONLINE
Jan Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Dec 2019 Fri-31-Jan-20    ONLINE
Feb  Consumer Price Index1 Jan 2020 Fri-07-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  Tourist Arrivals1 Jan 2020 Tue-11-Feb-20  ONLINE
Feb  Tableau de Bord1 Jan 2020 Tue-11-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  Social Security Statistics Jan 2020 Thu-13-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  Trade Statistics1 Dec 2019 Tue-18-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  External Trade  4th Quarter 2019 Thu-27-Feb-20    ONLINE 4
Feb  International Travel & Tourism  Year 2019 Fri-28-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  Social Security Statistics  2018/ 2019 Fri-28-Feb-20    ONLINE
Feb  Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Jan 2020 Fri-28-Feb-20    ONLINE
Mar Producer Price Index - Agriculture  4th Quarter 2019 Mon-02-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Consumer Price Index1 Feb 2020 Fri-06-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Population & Vital Statistics  Year 2019 Wed-11-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Social Security Statistics1  Feb 2020 Fri-13-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Tourist Arrivals1 Feb 2020 Fri-13-Mar-20  ONLINE
Mar Tableau de Bord1 Feb 2020 Fri-13-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Agricultural and Fish Production  Year 2019 Mon-16-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Producer Price Index - Manufacturing  4th Quarter 2019 Fri-20-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Trade Statistics1 Jan 2020 Fri-20-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Quarterly Index of Industrial Production (QIIP) 4th quarter 2019 Mon-23-Mar-20    ONLINE5
Mar Export  & Import Price Indices  4th Quarter 2019 Fri-27-Mar-20    ***
Mar Wage Rate Index  4th Quarter and Year 2019 Fri-27-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Export Oriented Enterprises  4th Quarter 2019 Mon-30-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics (Island of Mauritius)  Year 2019 Mon-30-Mar-20    ***
Mar Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the Continuous Multi-Purpose Household Survey)  4th Quarter 2019 Tue-31-Mar-20    ONLINE
Mar Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Feb 2020 Tue-31-Mar-20    ***
Mar Quarterly National Accounts  4th Quarter 2019 Tue-31-Mar-20    ***
Apr Consumer Price Index1 Mar 2020 Tue-07-Apr-20    ***
Apr Tourist Arrivals1 Mar 2020 Fri-10-Apr-20 2  ***
Apr Tableau de Bord1 Mar 2020 Fri-10-Apr-20    On Schedule
Apr Social Security Statistics1  Mar 2020 Mon-13-Apr-20    ***
Apr Consumer Price Index  1st Quarter 2020 Tue-14-Apr-20    ***
Apr Trade Statistics1 Feb 2020 Wed-22-Apr-20    ***
Apr Construction Price Index  1st Quarter 2020 Fri-24-Apr-20    ***
Apr Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Mar 2020 Thu-30-Apr-20    ***
May Consumer Price Index1 Apr 2020 Fri-08-May-20    
May Productivity and Competitiveness Indicators  2009-2019 Fri-08-May-20    
​May Tourist Arrivals1 Apr 2020 Mon-11-May-20 2  
May Tableau de Bord1 Apr 2020 Mon-11-May-20    
May Social Security Statistics1  Apr 2020 Wed-13-May-20    
May Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the Continuous Multi-Purpose Household Survey)  Year 2019 Mon-18-May-20    
May Trade Statistics1 Mar 2020 Wed-20-May-20    
May Producer Price Index - Agriculture  1st Quarter 2020 Mon-25-May-20    
May International Travel & Tourism  1st Quarter 2020 Thu-28-May-20    
May External Trade  1st Quarter 2020 Fri-29-May-20    
May Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Apr 2020 Fri-29-May-20    
Jun Energy and Water Statistics  Year 2019 Fri-05-Jun-20    
Jun Consumer Price Index1 May 2020 Fri-05-Jun-20    
​Jun Tourist Arrivals1 May 2020 Wed-10-Jun-20 2  
Jun Tableau de Bord1 May 2020 Wed-10-Jun-20    
Jun Social Security Statistics1 May 2020 Fri-12-Jun-20    
Jun Producer Price Index - Manufacturing  1st Quarter 2020 Fri-19-Jun-20    
Jun Trade Statistics1 Apr 2020 Mon-22-Jun-20    
Jun Quarterly Index of Industrial Production (QIIP) 1st Quarter 2020 Tue-23-Jun-20    
Jun Wage Rate Index Ist Quarter 2020 Thu-25-Jun-20    
Jun Export  & Import Price Indices  1st Quarter 2020 Fri-26-Jun-20    
Jun National Accounts Estimates, Jun 2019 issue 3 2017-2020 Fri-26-Jun-20    
Jun Quarterly National Accounts  1st Quarter 2020 Fri-26-Jun-20    
Jun Export Oriented Enterprises  1st Quarter 2020 Mon-29-Jun-20    
Jun Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the Continuous Multi-Purpose Household Survey)  1st Quarter 2020 Tue-30-Jun-20    
Jun Crime, Justice and Security Statistics   Year 2019 Tue-30-Jun-20    
Jun Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 May 2020 Tue-30-Jun-20    
Jul Consumer Price Index1 Jun 2020 Tue-07-Jul-20    
Jul Tableau de Bord1 Jun 2020 Fri-10-Jul-20    
Jul Tourist Arrivals1 Jun 2020 Fri-10-Jul-20 2  
Jul Social Security Statistics1 Jun 2020 Mon-13-Jul-20    
Jul ICT Statistics  Year 2019 Mon-13-Jul-20    
Jul Consumer Price Index  2nd Quarter 2020 Tue-14-Jul-20    
Jul Gender Statistics Year 2019 Mon-20-Jul-20    
Jul Trade Statistics1 May 2020 Wed-22-Jul-20    
Jul Construction Price Index  2nd Quarter 2020 Fri-24-Jul-20    
Jul Environment Statistics  Year 2019 Tue-28-Jul-20    
Jul Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Jun 2020 Fri-31-Jul-20    
Aug Consumer Price Index1 Jul 2020 Fri-07-Aug-20    
Aug Tourist Arrivals1 Jul 2020 Tue-11-Aug-20 2  
Aug Tableau de Bord1 Jul 2020 Tue-11-Aug-20    
Aug Social Security Statistics1 Jul 2020 Thu-13-Aug-20    
Aug Trade Statistics1 Jun 2020 Thu-20-Aug-20    
Aug Producer Price Index - Agriculture  2nd Quarter 2020 Mon-24-Aug-20    
Aug International Travel & Tourism  1st Semester 2020 Wed-26-Aug-20    
Aug Population & Vital Statistics    Jan-Jun 2020 Fri-28-Aug-20    
Aug External Trade  2nd Quarter 2020 Fri-28-Aug-20    
Aug Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics (Island of Mauritius) Jan-Jun 2020 Mon-31-Aug-20    
Aug Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Jul 2020 Mon-31-Aug-20    
Sep Consumer Price Index1 Aug 2020 Mon-07-Sep-20    
Sep Tourist Arrivals1 Aug 2020 Thu-10-Sep-20 2  
Sep Tableau de Bord1 Aug 2020 Thu-10-Sep-20    
Sep Social Security Statistics1 Aug 2020 Mon-14-Sep-20    
Sep Education Statistics  Year 2020 Fri-18-Sep-20    
Sep Producer Price Index - Manufacturing  2nd Quarter 2020 Fri-18-Sep-20    
Sep Trade Statistics1 Jul 2020 Mon-21-Sep-20    
Sep Quarterly Index of Industrial Production (QIIP)  2nd Quarter 2020 Wed-23-Sep-20    
Sep Wage Rate Index  2nd Quarter 2020 Thu-24-Sep-20    
Sep Agricultural and Fish Production  Jan-Jun 2020 Fri-25-Sep-20    
Sep Survey of Employment and Earnings in Large Establishments  Mar 2020 Fri-25-Sep-20    
Sep Export  & Import Price Indices  2nd Quarter 2020 Fri-25-Sep-20    
Sep Export Oriented Enterprises  2nd Quarter 2020 Mon-28-Sep-20    
Sep Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the Continuous Multi-Purpose Household Survey)  2nd Quarter 2020 Tue-29-Sep-20    
Sep Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Aug 2020 Wed-30-Sep-20    
Sep Quarterly National Accounts  2nd Quarter 2020 Wed-30-Sep-20    
Oct Consumer Price Index1 Sep 2020 Wed-07-Oct-20    
Oct Tourist Arrivals1 Sep 2020 Mon-12-Oct-20 2  
Oct Tableau de Bord1 Sep 2020 Mon-12-Oct-20    
Oct Social Security Statistics1 Sep 2020 Tue-13-Oct-20    
Oct Consumer Price Index  3rd Quarter 2020 Wed-14-Oct-20    
Oct Trade Statistics1 Aug 2020 Fri-23-Oct-20    
Oct Construction Price Index  3rd Quarter 2020 Fri-23-Oct-20    
Oct Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Sep 2020 Fri-30-Oct-20    
Nov Consumer Price Index1 Oct 2020 Mon-09-Nov-20    
Nov Tourist Arrivals1 Oct 2020 Wed-11-Nov-20 2  
Nov Tableau de Bord1 Oct 2020 Wed-11-Nov-20    
Nov Social Security Statistics1 Oct 2020 Fri-13-Nov-20    
Nov Trade Statistics1 Sep 2020 Fri-20-Nov-20    
Nov Producer Price Index - Agriculture  3rd Quarter 2020 Mon-23-Nov-20    
Nov International Travel & Tourism  Jan-Sep 2020 Thu-26-Nov-20    
Nov External Trade  3rd Quarter 2020 Thu-26-Nov-20    
Nov Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Oct 2020 Mon-30-Nov-20    
Dec Consumer Price Index1 Nov 2020 Mon-07-Dec-20    
Dec Tourist Arrivals1 Nov 2020 Thu-10-Dec-20 2  
Dec Tableau de Bord1 Nov 2020 Thu-10-Dec-20    
Dec Social Security Statistics1 Nov 2020 Mon-14-Dec-20    
Dec Producer Price Index - Manufacturing  3rd Quarter 2020 Wed-16-Dec-20    
Dec Wage Rate Index  3rd Quarter 2020 Fri-18-Dec-20    
Dec Trade Statistics1 Oct 2020 Mon-21-Dec-20    
Dec Quarterly Index of Industrial Production (QIIP) 3rd Quarter 2020 Mon-21-Dec-20    
Dec Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment (based on the results of the Continuous Multi-Purpose Household Survey)  3rd Quarter 2020 Wed-23-Dec-20    
Dec Export Oriented Enterprises  3rd Quarter 2020 Wed-23-Dec-20    
Dec National Accounts Estimates, Dec 2019 issue 3 2017-2020 Wed-23-Dec-20    
Dec Quarterly National Accounts  3rd Quarter 2020 Wed-23-Dec-20    
Dec Export  & Import Price Indices  3rd Quarter 2020 Mon-28-Dec-20    
Dec Producer Price Index - Manufacturing1 Nov 2020 Wed-30-Dec-20    

*** Postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 related national lockdown.

1/ Monthly releases - Hard copies not available

2/  For Monthly Tourist Arrival :Not later than stated date. The exact date will be published at least one day
      prior to confirmed publication date.
3/ As from 2020, annual National Accounts Statistics will be published twice yearly, i.e. in June and December
      (instead of four times a year) with a view to creating space for improvement and development of new
      economic statistics, including annual supply and use rebalancing to be released in April 2021
 4/ Amended on 3rd March 2020
 5/ Uploaded on 24th March 2020 due to COVID-19 related national lockdown.