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Education Statistics - Year 2018

1.      Expenditure
          Government expenditure on education and training for the financial years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 are estimated at Rs 17,708 million and Rs 19,250 million, representing 12.6% and 12.1% of total expenditure respectively.
2.         Pre-primary education
Pre-primary schools numbered 846 in March 2018 with an enrolment of 26,183 children of whom around 49% were girls. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (number of students enrolled per 100 population aged 4 and 5 years) works out to 96% with an average of 12 pupils per teacher.
3.         Primary education
As at March 2018, there were 318 primary schools with 89,642 pupils of whom 50.3% were boys. Total staff comprised 8,564 persons including 4,269 General Purpose Teachers and 1,265 Oriental Language teachers. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (number of students enrolled per 100 population aged 6 to 11 years) is 97% and the pupil/teacher (general purpose) ratio works out to 21.
4.         Secondary education
        I.    General
As at March 2018, there were 178 schools providing secondary education in the general stream. The secondary school enrolment was 110,715 of whom 48% were girls. The number of teachers was 8,589. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (number of students enrolled per
100 population aged 12 to 19 years) works out to 73% and the pupil/teacher ratio 13.
      II.    Pre-vocational
Pre-vocational education was dispensed in 111 schools in March 2018 with an enrolment of 6,243 students and 953 teaching staff. Boys pre-dominated in these
pre-vocational schools, representing around 66 % of enrolment.  The pupil/teacher ratio
was 7.
5.       Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC), SC & HSC Results
The percentage of school candidates meeting Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) requirement, before re-assessment, was 77.7 in 2017.  After re-assessment, the percentage stood at 81.2. The pass rate for the Cambridge School Certificate (SC) declined from 72% in 2016 to 71.6% in 2017 and for the Cambridge Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 75.5% to 74.4%.
6.         Tertiary Education
Tertiary level enrolment decreased from 48,089 in 2016 to 48,007 students in 2017.
September 2018