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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)
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Construction Price Index - 3rd Quarter 2017

1.                  The Construction Price Index which stood at 114.7 as at June 2017 increased by 0.2% or 0.2 point during the third quarter to 114.9 in September 2017.
2.                  On a monthly basis, the overall index increased by 0.1 point in July, remained unchanged in August and registered an increase of 0.1% or 0.1 point in September 2017
3.                  The increase registered in July 2017 was due to the following price increases: 0.3% in steel bars, 0.3% in timber joinery, 0.2% in electrical installation and 0.1% in plumbing and sanitary installation. In September 2017 price increases were noted in the following items: 0.7% in steel bars, 1.0% in timber carpentry and 0.1% in electrical installation in September 2017.
4.                  The “Materials” sub index increased by 0.1 point in July 2017, remained at the same level in August and increased by 0.2 point in September 2017.
5.                  During the third quarter of 2017, no change was registered in the “Labour”, ‘Hire of plant” and “Transport” sub-indices.
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