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Construction Price Index - 1st Quarter 2018


1.     The Construction Price Index which stood at 116.3 as at December 2017, increased to 117.2 in January 2018, then reached 118.4 in February 2018 and 118.5 in March 2018.
2.     During the first quarter of 2018, The “Labour” sub index registered an increase of 2.5%, the “Materials sub index increased by 1.8%, the “Hire of Plant” sub index increased by 0.1% while the “Transport” sub-index remained unchanged.
3.     The increase of 2.5% in the “Labour” sub index was due to higher labour costs following the 2018 salary compensation. The increase in the “Hire of Plant” sub index was due to higher rates for hiring of metal plaques in March 2018. Changes registered in the “Materials” sub-index were mainly due to:
(i)    increases in the prices of steel bars in January 2018 (0.6%) and February 2018 (1.7%);
(ii)   increases in the prices of cement in February 2018 (6.2%) and March 2018 (0.6%);
(iii)  an increase of 0.9% in the prices of plumbing materials in March 2018;


(iv) a fall of 0.7% in the prices of electrical installation materials in January 2018.

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