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2013 Census of Economic Activities Phase 1 – Small establishments


                Statistics Mauritius is currently conducting its sixth Census of Economic Activities (CEA) in Mauritius and Rodrigues, with 2013 as reference year. The main objective of this exercise which is normally carried out every five years is to collect data on the operating characteristics and structure of all types of economic activities, except agriculture. A separate exercise is being conducted for the agricultural sector as different measurement techniques are needed for data collection.
                The CEA is conducted in two phases - Phase I covering a sample of small production units (i.e those engaging less than ten persons) and Phase II covering large units, that is those with ten or more persons.  Data collection for Phase I was carried out from January 2013 to December 2013 while that for Phase II started in July 2014 and is expected to be completed by December 2014.
                This Economic and Social Indicator presents the main results of Phase I of CEA 2013. It is to be noted that the data are provisional and activities not covered by the CEA (agricultural activities and activities of household employees such as maids and gardeners) have not been included.   
(i)                   Production units
The number of small production units operating in Mauritius and Rodrigues, in sectors covered by the CEA, is estimated at 125,500 in 2013 compared to 92,400 in 2007, that is, about 36% higher.
(ii)                 Employment
The total number of persons engaged in those small units is estimated at 283,000 (197,000 males and 86,000 females), around 34% higher than the figure of 211,600 (156,800 males and 54,800 females) in 2007.  The figures include both full-time and part-time workers; a part-time worker being counted as one person engaged.
The number of persons engaged per unit worked out to 2.3, same as in 2007.
(iii)          Value added
Total value added generated during 2013 by the small units covered is estimated at Rs 82,060 million, 91% higher than in 2007 when a value added of Rs 43,040 million was estimated. 
The contribution of the small units covered in the CEA to the economy works out to 25% compared to 20%        in 2007.
Annual value added per unit increased by 40% to Rs 654,000 in 2013 from Rs 466,000 in 2007.
(iv)               Main activity of the small units
“Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles” is the most important activity among the small units.  With some 46,800 units in operation in 2013, the sector employed around 98,800 persons, representing 35% of the total workforce of the small units. Its value added estimated at Rs 25,970 million, represented 32% of the total value added generated by the small units covered.
August 2014