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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)
Statistics Mauritius>CONSUMER PRICE INDEX-3rd Quarter 2012


The Consumer Price Index, which stood at 132.8 in June 2012, registered a net increase of 0.5 point (or 0.4%) to reach 133.3 in September 2012.
The main reasons for the net increase in the CPI from June to September 2012 were:
-           higher prices of food, mainly bread, fruits, fish, meat, rice and a variety of other food products;
-           higher prices of washing materials & softeners;
-           higher doctors’ fees;
-           higher prices of air tickets;
              partly offset by
-           lower prices of vegetables and milk; and
-           lower prices of motor vehicles.
The headline inflation rate for the twelve months ending September 2012 works out to 4.4% compared to 6.2% for the twelve months ending September 2011.   On the basis of trends in previous years and recent price changes, the inflation rate for calendar year 2012 is estimated at around 4.3%.
The headline inflation rate excluding 'Alcoholic beverages and tobacco' for the twelve months ending September 2012 works out to 3.0% compared to 5.3% for the twelve months ending September 2011.
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   Statistics Mauritius
   Ministry of Finance and Economic Development                                      
   15 October 2012