This report is the fourth in the series showing the results of the 2000 Housing and Population Census. The first was published in November 2000 and contained the results of the Housing Census which preceded the Population Census by a few months. The previous two reports covered the demographic and fertility characteristics, and the economic characteristics of the population. This present report deals with the educational characteristics.


Data published in this report have been prepared at different geographical area levels. The code in the left-hand margin of the table of contents indicates the geographical level at which the tables are presented, namely, I: island level, D: district level and R: Municipal Council Ward and Village Council Area level.


Like all census data, the figures presented in the tables may still contain slight inaccuracies, which will be too costly to identify and correct. However, these do not in any way detract from the quality of the data and their usefulness. It is hoped that the present report will be particularly useful to administrators, planners and policy makers, and the public in general.


This report is the result of the efforts of many persons and organisations and I am grateful to all of them. In particular, I would like to thank members of the public for their understanding and co-operation, the census fieldstaff, the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, the Government Printer, the Central Information Systems Division and my own staff.

(H. Bundhoo)

Director of Statistics

Central Statistics Office

Port Louis


November 2001

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