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Statistics Mauritius (under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)
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Description of Statistics Board

The Statistics Board
The Statistics Board was set up in September 2011 under Section 23 of the Statistics Act 2000. It is mandated to offer guidance to the Minister responsible for statistical matters and other producers of statistics on the directions and priorities for official statistics.  The Board aims to strengthen the confidence and trust of the public in official statistics by assisting to reinforce the professional and autonomous environment within which the statistical system operates in respect of data collection, analysis and reporting.
 Membership of the Board
As per the Act, the Board consists of the following members:
(i) a Chairperson, suitably qualified and experienced in the field of statistics, economics, social sciences, finance, management or related fields, appointed by the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister tendered after the Prime Minister has consulted the Leader of the Opposition, on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Prime Minister;
(ii) the Financial Secretary or his representative;
(iii) a Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius or his representative;
(iv) a representative of the private sector, appointed by the Minister on the advice of the Joint Economic Council;
(v) a qualified and suitable person having international experience on official statistics, appointed by the Minister responsible for statistics;
(vi)  the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius or his representative; and
(vii) the Director of Statistics Mauritius.


Members of the Statistics Board since June 2018

Mr. Patrick YIP WANG WING Chairperson
Mr. Ram HITTOO Representative of the Financial Secretary
Ministry of Finance and Economic  Development
Mr Mahendra Vikramdass PUNCHOO Second Deputy Governor,
Bank of Mauritius
Mr. Kevin RAMKALOAN Representative of the Private Sector
Mr. Ruben THOPLAN Representative of the Vice Chancellor,
University of Mauritius
Ms. Li Fa CHEUNG KAI SUET Director of Statistics
Mr Nasser JEEANODY Representative of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
Co-opted member
Mr Deerajen RAMASAWMY Representative of the Financial Services Commission
Co-opted member