To classify its data in meaningful classes and to enable their comparability at the international level, Statistics Mauritius makes use of classifications recommended by international institutions and adapts them to the national context. Some of the classifications used by Statistics Mauritius are:

  • NSIC:           National Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (NSIC) adapted from the UN International  Standard   
                     Industrial Classification of  Economic Activities (ISIC)
  • NASCO:        National Standard Classification of Occupations (NASCO) adapted from the UN

                     International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO)


  • NSCED:        National Standard Classification of Education adapted from the UNESCO International 

                     Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)


  • SITC:           Standard International Trade Classification

  • COICOP:        Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose

  • CPC:             Central Product Classification